Published: June 14, 2018

A student exhibit on the invention of the telescope

The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries invite you to enjoy three student-generated exhibits. These exhibits teach and inspire, while motivating students to contribute their own work for display in the dynamic learning spaces that are the Libraries.

Begun in 2014 as collaboration with Petger Schabert from the Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR), Broadcast Generation is on exhibit on the 1st floor in the Underground Gallery East. Now in its fourth installment, the series increasingly focuses on identity issues and subject-formation in the 21st centuryEach iteration in the series influences and challenges successive classes. New students review the older work, respond, and seek to produce more persuasive and effective panels than the previous group. What began as an exercise in 21st century literacy has become a kind of generational sounding, speaking to issues that concern our students. 

The second longest running series in Norlin, a collaboration between Danny Long from PWR and the Libraries Special Collections, Shakespearean Science is located on the third floor west. Produced by undergraduates from the ‘Writing on Science and Society’ classes each semester, the series explores the key developments in science and technology during Shakespeare’s lifetime. 

Data Visualization exhibit in Norlin LibraryThe newest edition to Norlin’s ongoing exhibit series is the Student Data Visualization Contest held by the Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship. Today the abundance of information, as well as its diverse media and formats, is vaster than the human brain can process. This contest highlights the process of how complex data is communicated in real projects. The three winners of the 2017 contest are all PhD. candidates whose fields range from molecular, cellular and developmental biology, to education, and to journalism on resource management. The three winners’ projects are displayed on the 2nd floor along the large wall leading to the Commons stairway. 

These exhibits reflect the University Libraries’ mission to collaborate dynamically with departments, faculty and students in creating, disseminating and advancing scholarship. If you or your department are interested in showcasing student work or collaborating on an exhibit, we welcome submissions to our Exhibit Request Form.