Published: May 10, 2018

Graduation 1951 shows a dog yawning and faculty in robes struggling to stay awake.Congratulations to all of our graduating Buffs today!

Your academic achievements are part of over 140 years of CU boulder history…a history that is five months older than the state of Colorado!

To learn more about other graduates and courses taught in the past, you can look through the University of Colorado Catalogues for information on the university structure, curricular, and course information since 1877. A less known aspect of the catalogue is that it contains lists of university attendees up to 1933, including the University of Colorado Preparatory School (later Boulder High School).

From 1907 until 2011, the University of Colorado also published Student/Faculty Directories. Early on male and female students were listed separately. There was also a listing of faculty and staff. All were listed alphabetically. Student were listed with their college, home address and local address. All attendees were not necessarily listed. By World War II, an office/classified section began to appear, indicating the increased administrative structure and staff in departments. This three part student/faculty/classified structure of the Directory continued until 2010. In the mid-1980s, home addresses for students were dropped, and local addresses were dropped for students and faculty in the late 1990s. Telephone numbers followed.

Now all directory information is on the web. This image from the 1951 commencement ceremony is one of our favorites! Today's commencement was much more enthralling!


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