Published: May 5, 2018

the 25th anniversary of the ATO's in Boulder on May 5th, 1926

Alpha Tau Omega, ATO, is a fraternity that was founded in Richmond, Virginia on September 11, 1865 by Otis Allan Glazebrook. Many famous people have belonged to this fraternity including some notables like Teamster's President, Jimmy Hoffa; NFL Head Coach, Jim Mora; Wyoming Senator, Alan Simpson; director, Garry Marshall and writer/playwright, Thomas "Tennessee" Williams. Although CU no longer has an active chapter of ATO, there are still chapters at Colorado State and Colorado School of Mines. This image of the 25th anniversary of the ATO fraternity in Boulder on May 5th, 1926, came from the Jim England Collection in the CU Boulder Archives. His collection includes pictures of activities and people in ATO as well as an early book of minutes from this fraternity.

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