Published: April 11, 2018


A student working in the Libraries' Archives, sorting papers.In honor of National Library Worker Day and CU’s Student Appreciation Week, we would like to recognize the amazing students we have been lucky to work with in the CU Boulder Archives.

From student assistants to graduate fellows, our students have been pivotal in making our collections available through projects like the rehousing and digitization of Charles Snow Nitrate negatives, frontloading collection level records in ArchivesSpace, and creating collections-based digital exhibits

“My favorite thing about working in the archives is that whenever you start looking through a collection, you stumble across these tiny, unexpected details. These could be anything from a scribbled note to an editor, to a funny post-it note, to an uncatalogued snapshot. These personal traces really can't be catalogued and so they always surface as a surprise, and bring with them a certain joy of discovery. They are part of what makes the archives so vibrant and, in a way, alive.” – Jordan Klevdal, Master’s student in the English Department and student assistant in the Archives. 

“My favorite part of working in the archives is the daily opportunity to expand my knowledge on two levels — first, learning about how archives work and the processes by which collections are organized, categorized, and digitized; and second, learning from the collections' subject material itself, which often is beyond my own field of expertise and consistently opens up new research avenues and ideas.” – Jacob Flaws, PhD student in History and student assistant in the Archives.

The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries will celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Archives on June 6, 2018. This is story #44 in our series: 100 Stories for 100 Years from the Archives!

Students having fun working in the archives.