Published: April 6, 2018

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, is a novel published 200 years ago, written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. As a part of our ongoing celebration of the Bicentennial of Frankenstein, the University Libraries is hosting an author panel. Creating Frankenstein: Women Authors in Science Fiction and Fantasy will feature two local woman authors and will focus on the unique challenges of being a woman in a heavily male-dominated genre.

When: April 23, 4 to 6 p.m.
Where: Norlin Library, E113
Light refreshments will be served.

About Our Authors

Molly Tanzer is the author of Creatures of Will and Temper, the forthcoming Creatures of Want and Ruin, and Vermilion, as well as the British Fantasy and Wonderland Book Award-nominated A Pretty Mouth. She is also the co-editor of Mixed Up: Cocktail Recipes (and Flash Fiction) for the Discerning Drinker (and Reader). For more information about her critically acclaimed novels and short fiction, visit her website,, or follow her @molly_the_tanz on Twitter or @molly_tanzer on Instagram.

MK Sauer is the author of Star-Crossed: The Confounding Calamities of Byron the Cad and Marietta the Zombie. Sauer lives in Boulder, where she also owns a coffee shop and spends entirely too many hours of the day caffeinated. She received a degree in Russian Literature from the University of Colorado Boulder. Believing that everyone should have at least one party trick, she has finally decided that hers is talking about Stalin for three hours straight. She tries not to put too many pop culture references in her historical novels. Most of the time, she fails. You can follow her on twitter @MK_Sauer.