Published: April 3, 2018

 Lucille Berkeley Buchanan, the first African American woman to graduate from CU Boulder.We congratulate CU Boulder Associate Professor of Media Studies Polly E. Bugros McLean on her research into Lucille Berkeley Buchanan, and her designation to give the inaugural Lucille Berekeley Buchanan Lecture, Wednesday, April 4, 6:30 p.m. in Old Main Chapel.

Mclean spent more than a decade exhuming Buchanan’s story and finally correcting the university’s official history, which erroneously stated the first black woman to graduate from CU earned her degree in 1924—when, in fact, Buchanan, graduated from CU in 1918. The CU Boulder Archives exist to tell the story of CU Boulder and our community. In this case, it is clear that our archives did not represent the community and that gaps in our collective record still remain. We invite you to help us tell your story and the full story of CU!

Archivists work closely with donors to identify materials of research interest, which can include personal and family papers or organizational records. Gifts to the CU Boulder Archives help us maintain these unique collections as robust, living, learning opportunities for students, scholars, and the wider community in perpetuity. We appreciate every gift, great and small. Material donations are accepted on a case-by-case basis and according to our collecting policies. From photographs to hard drives, diaries to email threads, we are interested in collecting materials that tell the story of all of us at CU and that means YOUR STORY, TOO!

Please contact for more information or if you think you may have items of interest.

The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries will celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Archives on June 6, 2018. This is story #35 in our series: 100 Stories for 100 Years from the Archives100 Stories for 100 Years logo