Published: Sept. 7, 2017

Librarian Alex Watkins demonstrating the Bookeye Scanner to a student

The University Libraries are pleased to announce the availability of two new KIC Bookeye 4 scanning stations in the Norlin Library. One unit is located near the Research Desk while the other is situated in the Norlin Commons.

These scanners are state-of-the-art devices that enable book scanning, in black and white or color, to support your research, studying, and other needs. The units are entirely self-contained and offer scan to print, email, USB, and cloud storage. With the integral SmartDock, you can also store scanned content directly to your smart phone.

With a 17 in x 24 in scanning surface, and up to 600 dpi scanning resolution, the KIC Bookeye can readily meet most scanning needs. For the majority of patrons, it is simply a matter of opening your book to the desired page and selecting SCAN from the touch screen menu. It’s that simple! For unique projects, there are many other options that can be configured to meet your specific scanning requirements.

Please refer to the Bookeye Scanners Guide for more information.