Published: Aug. 25, 2017
Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

Take the OER survey on making educational resources available to students!

The initiative could offer public domain materials to lower the cost of attendance and improve learning.

The University of Colorado is a member of the Colorado Department of Higher Education Open Educational Resources (OER) Council, a statewide body charged to develop a plan for digital repositories to benefit college and K-12 students. The Joint Budget Committee has requested that the council provide a state-of-the-art review of the status of OER in Colorado. The report will contain a discussion of resources, incentives and obstacles to further the adoption of OERs; and a set of recommendations regarding policy, organization and resources needed to move forward.

Part of the report includes a survey about the use of open educational resources from a broad sample of Colorado college and university stakeholders.

All university employees and students are invited to take the survey. The survey is open now and will continue through Sept. 10. A report will be published in October.

Through the OER, representatives from all campuses are tasked with raising awareness among all stakeholders about the benefits of OER adoption, such as lower cost of attendance and improved learning outcomes.

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Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash