Published: May 1, 2017

The Earth Sciences & Map Library is pleased to announce the winners of its 3rd annual photo contest. There were many outstanding photographs among the 77 photo submissions, representing undergraduate and graduate students from the Colleges of Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Education, Media, and Business. 

The winner of this year's contest was "The Cathedral Group" by Geography undergraduate student Nick Braun! "The Cathedral Group" will be framed and placed on permanent display in the Earth Sciences & Map Library. 

The Cathedral Group, by Nick Braun

The Cathedral Group, by Nick Braun

In addition to the winner, the remaining top 10 submissions will go on display in the Earth Sciences & Map library for the remainder of 2018. A very close first runner up was Geology graduate student Simon Pendleton's photograph "Frozen Motion." The remaining top 10 were (listed alphabetically):

  • Nick Braun, "Which Ocean"
  • Tyler Schad, "The Strokkur Bubble"
  • Aaron Zetley, "Winter's Latticed Edge"
  • Meredith Sherock, "Why Sinks the Cauldron"
  • John Haefeli, "Diamond Beach Gems"
  • Madison Sankovitz, "Tasman Peninsula"
  • Cas Sheridan, "Facing the Giant, Skogafoss"
  • Kenneth Miller, "Seljalandfoss with Rainbow"

The top 10 submissions

The top 10 submissions

Please visit the Earth Sciences & Map Library to see all of these photos on display (beginning the week of May 8).

This contest was created to highlight student photography depicting earth features and natural landscapes. Photos were judged on:

  • Artistic merit, composition, and aesthetics;
  • How well an earth feature, process, or landscape is captured;
  • The description of the photograph that explains the earth feature or natural landscape being depicted.

Each photograph underwent a blind evaluation by the judging panel.

Thank you to all who participated!