Published: March 13, 2017
Students networking in a group with teachers, one student smiles at the camera

We want to give you a voice in the library. The University Libraries is building a Student-Libraries Advisory Board to give you the opportunity to tell us what will help you and your fellow students succeed.

You'll get resume-building experience leading and working together with the library on real-world projects. These projects are chosen by you and used to improve your experiences in the library.

Also, you'll get insider information about Library news, events, upgrades, changes, and any other cool thing that's coming soon.

We're accepting applications so please apply now!

The deadline to apply is September 15.

Here are a few more details:

The Board will meet three times a semester, starting Fall 2017, to discuss anything library-related. Let us know things like:

  • What services you’d like to see
  • What would make the space more useful
  • What resources can we add

We'll also use the meetings to get updates, advise and help you with your projects and let you know anything that's coming down the line.

Team up with us, we can make the libraries better. Join the Student Libraries Advisory Board.