Published: March 13, 2017

A variety of maps used by middle school students

Students from sixth, seventh and eighth grade at Platt CHOICE Middle School in Boulder visited the Map Library on Friday, March 2, to learn how university students use library resources and to enhance their geography curriculum. 

Students rotated through four stations with themes addressing geography and map-reading concepts.  The students answered questions about topographic maps and aerial photographs of their school and surrounding neighborhoods. They guessed the subject matter of maps with non-obvious themes, such as

  • fault lines
  • physiography
  • the earth at night

Students also examined historical maps showing exploration routes and mining claims, as well as maps with dubious information.

The class was designed to support standards supplied by their teacher, Joshua Feiger, including questions such as, “How could geographic data be used for both positive and negative results?”

Students shared that their two favorite maps were the “Upside-Down World Map” and the “Future Map of North America." They especially enjoyed looking at their school and home neighborhood over time using aerial photography.

The Map Library is happy to host K-12 classes as well as CU classes!