Published: Feb. 9, 2017

Welcome to Love Your Data Week, a 5-day international event aimed at helping researchers take better care of their data! We will be posting and tweeting about various data themes all week long. Follow all of the great data conversations this week on Twitter at #LYD17 and #loveyourdata. If you need help with your data, contact your data librarian.

Monday 2/13: Defining Data Quality

We love all data here in the Libraries (especially this week), but some data need fixing up. In fact, IBM has estimated that bad data costs the U.S. $3 trillion dollars per year! Make sure all of your data are high quality by avoiding these problems or by getting in touch with your local data librarian.

Tuesday 2/14: Documenting, Describing, Defining

Data documentation (or metadata) has been described as a “love note to the future” (perfect for Valentine's’ Day). When someone (a colleague, another researcher, or even future you!) looks at your data months or years from now, will they be able to understand how you created it or what it means? More importantly, will they love it like you did? There might be trouble if they can’t! Check out this video for tips on how to document your data so that other people will love it as much as you do or send a data valentine to your local data librarian.

Wednesday 2/15: Good Data Examples

Do you have a vision of what your ideal data look like? The gold standard in many fields these days is that your data (and documentation) should be good enough so that any informed researcher can reproduce your research. Make your data golden by following Project TIER’s specifications or asking your local data librarian to help your data sparkle.

Thursday 2/16: Finding the Right Data

Need data for Friday night? Finding it can be tricky, but you’re in luck! Chances are the data you want is already out there somewhere. The Libraries provide access to many rich sources of data, like ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research). If you need data on a particular topic, librarians are here to play matchmaker!

Friday 2/17: Rescuing Unloved Data

Love your data, don’t leave them behind. Data go unloved for a number of reasons. Everything from technological obsolescence to the whims of politicians can put valuable data at risk of being lost or becoming unusable. The Libraries have been involved with rescuing historical snow and ice data, and we’re interested in efforts to save important government agency data. If you want to help preserve or rescue unloved data, get involved with Data Refuge or reach out to your ever-faithful data librarian.