Published: Oct. 17, 2016
Portion of the Mythical Monsters Map by Peter Dobbin

Visit the Earth Sciences & Map Library to see the new Halloween display, featuring a Mythical Monsters Map and a variety of monster-themed books, both campy and academic!

From the publisher: “We can learn a great deal about different cultures and societies in different countries, through knowing about mythical creatures. The characters of the creatures reflect the beliefs, suspicions and perceptions held by people in the past.  The creatures were an expression of their fears and hopes and also linked communities to the supernatural world.  The monsters have provided the material for story telling by generations of people, about another world beyond the human one.”

Peter Dobbin has been working for eighteen years as a Concept Artist, mainly in the computer games industry. Regular clients have including Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. Peter has also spent time as an illustrator on projects with the British Council and Cambridge University Press. Recently Peter has taken a keen interest in character and design of unusual creatures, endeavouring to show the essence of the creature in their design and bodily pose.