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The Jerry Crail Johnson Earth Sciences & Map Library photo contest concluded last week with an outstanding 68 photo submissions, representing undergraduate and graduate programs across the campus and drawing from the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. 

The winner of this contest was William Armstrong. His photo, “Rock and Ice,” will be framed and on display in the Earth Sciences & Map Library starting next week.

glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska

The winner of the 2016 Earth Sciences & Map Library photo contest: Rock and Ice by William Armstrong.

Due to a tie, we had 11 photos as runners-up this year. These photos will also be on display in the Earth Sciences & Map Library for the rest of the year. The runners-up are:

  • William Armstrong, “Temporarily Together”
  • Christopher Dunn, “Zen Erratic” and “Brooks Range Fog”
  • Erkan Gunes, “Mammoth Hot Springs”
  • John Haefeli, “Mono Lake Tufas”
  • David Harning, “Glacial Etchings” and “Fire and Ice”
  • Keith Jennings, “Snow creep on Niwot Ridge”
  • Barbara Macferrin, “Mount Baker”
  • Garret Rue, “Life on Mars”
  • Daniel Zietlow, “Erosional Pancakes”

a collage of photos of earth features and natural landscapes

The runners-up from the 2016 Earth Sciences & Map Library photo contest.

Visit the Earth Sciences & Map Library to see all of these photos on display (beginning the week of April 18).

This contest was created to highlight student photography depicting earth features and natural landscapes. Photos were judged on:

  • Artistic merit, composition, and aesthetics;
  • How well an earth feature, process, or landscape is captured;
  • The description of the photograph that explains the earth feature or natural landscape being depicted.

Thank you to all who participated!