The list below along with the basic information on the Roadmap Option 1 page, can help you get ready for your semester.  If you decide you would like additional support from the LDG team, you can contact us to schedule a virtual meeting.  

Keep in mind what you want the students to be able to achieve when they complete the course.  Develop course content, discussions, assignments and quizzes/exams with those objectives in mind. The LDG team can work with you to adjust your discussions, assignments, project, quizzes and exams to the remote format and to meet your course objectives. 

We strongly recommend you have your course ready two weeks before the course starts.  Also, two weeks before your course starts, you should send a welcome email to students, attaching a copy of your syllabus with the textbook information so they will have it when the course starts. Because there is more time to develop these courses, faculty are encouraged to complete the steps in Roadmap Option 1 and then to move to the steps below. 

Note: The recommended browser for all work in Canvas is Chrome

Using a Canvas Course Cartridge in a Blank Canvas Course.

If you would like to use a Canvas Course Cartridge to start your course development process in a blank Canvas course shell, the information below will walk you through the process.  

  • This basic course template video will show you how to import a Canvas course cartridge into your blank Canvas course. 
  • Download the Canvas Course Cartridge Sample Template.
    • The Cartridge is on Google Drive and anyone with the link can download it. 
    • You may get an error message because it cannot be previewed in Google Drive. Click the download button to download it to your computer. 

Modify the Basic Course Template

Creating and Editing Course Content

Basic information about creating and editing course content is available on the Roadmap Option 1 page. Additional information is available below if you would like to go beyond the basics. 

General Canvas Information

Recording Asynchronous Lectures

Canvas Modules

Canvas Pages

Canvas Files







Last Steps (same as Option 1)

During the Semester

Additional Resources


Roadmap Option 3