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Keep in mind what you want the students to be able to achieve when they complete the course.  Develop course content, discussions, assignments and quizzes/exams with those objectives in mind. The LDG team can work with you to adjust your discussions, assignments, projects, quizzes and exams to the remote format and to meet your course objectives. 

We strongly recommend you have your course ready two weeks before the course starts.  For all courses, faculty should send a welcome email to students, attaching a copy of your syllabus with the textbook information so students will have their textbooks when the course starts. 

Getting Started

  • Contact the LDG team to schedule a virtual meeting. 
  • NEW Now is the Time for Planning with Canvas (Canvas Video Training, 24min)
    This video walks you through the beginning steps of moving a course to a remote format or starting development for an online course.  

The following steps can be completed before you meet with an Instructional Designer from the LDG team or they can be done during your virtual meeting. 

  • Request your Canvas course shell. If you have questions or issues, contact OIT Support for assistance. 
  • Log into Canvas video, log into Canvas guide
  • Find Canvas course video, find Canvas course guide
  • Planning your remote course
    • If you have taught your remote course in a face-to-face format or have taught a similar course, you can start the development process with content that you already have.  The Planning Document will help you start by identify existing content, synchronous portions of your course, online components and content you will need to edit or develop.  You can work on this document before your virtual meeting with a LDG Instructional Designer or discuss this document during your meeting.  
    • Course Syllabus
      You can use an existing syllabus and include information that will let students know your expectaitons and how best to communicate with you. This syllabus template includes information we recommend you include in your course syllabus. You can download the syllabus template, add your information to the syllabus template and upload it to your Canvas course, or use the syllabus template as a guide and add information to your existing course syllabus and add it to your Canvas course.  

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