Developing an online course takes careful, deliberate development and implementation and these types of courses are usually created for programs that are specifically designed to be offered online. Content for online courses is developed before students have access to the course so the faculty can focus on facilitating and teaching when the course is live.   

In a remote course, faculty usually have a synchronous component during a designated time which usually corresponds to the time the course would be offered face-to-face. Additional course content is also available in an online format and is in the university’s Learning Management System (LMS) and the University of Colorado Boulder’s LMS is Canvas. The amount of content that is in the remote Canvas course shell will vary from course to course. 

The University of Colorado Boulder's Summer Session A, B, C, D and Augmester courses will have either a remote or online format.  

If you are developing a new fully online course, it can take up to 150 hours.  If you already have content that just needs small adjustments, it will take a lot less time.  Keep this in mind when you budget your time.  From our experience we strongly recommend you have your course ready two weeks before the course starts.  Also, two weeks before your course starts, you should send a welcome email to students, attaching a copy of your syllabus with the textbook information so they will have it when the course starts.


Remote Course Basics