There is a lot of emphasis on "getting involved" in the law school community. Joining student organizations and attending law school events is great, and we encourage you to continue doing so. There is, however, value in getting involved outside of the school. 

Taking part in outside activities and organizations can help you maintain your personal identity and your sanity. You will feel both energized by doing things that you love and connected to the world outside of Wolf Law. Meeting people outside of the law school can not only help avoid spending all of your time about law school, but it can also help you develop a strong support system. Plus, you can gain new skills and give back to the community.

Because it can be hard to find activities outside of the law school to get involved with, we asked current law students what they do when they're not at the school. Here's what they said:

Boulder Cycling Club

"This [past] summer I joined the Boulder Cycling Club, and I know that on Tuesday evenings I can go for a ride and hang out with other people." 2L

Boy Scouts of America

“I am a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 364. We have about 20 troop members from Longmont to Broomfield, and we meet in Boulder on Wednesday Nights.” –2L

Intervarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)

“Outside of the law school, I am primarily involved with a great organization called Intervarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship, known simply as "GCF" to most of its participants here at CU. I would love for other law students to know about GCF. Finding friends of the same faith and age as me outside the law school has been an incalculable blessing in my life these past few semesters.” 2L

International Festival Committee

“I'm involved in the International Festival Committee, and every year we have the honor of hosting CU's largest student-run event, the International Festival. It has free food samples, performances and lots of country and cultural booths participating.” –1L

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

“I'm involved with the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver, by Englewood. It's a no kill cat shelter that runs entirely off of donations and volunteer support.  I love the organization. And volunteering is so easy. Just show up. No trainings, no commitments. Just go when you can. You can do anything from feed the cats, scoop litter, or just play with them!” –1L

Here are some additional local organizations that law students are involved in:

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