The Public Interest Students Association strives to involve students in service to the community during law school. We provide both legal and general community service opportunities to members, including Public Service Pledge opportunities. Throughout the year, we bring in speakers from public interest fields from nonprofit organizations, public defense, criminal prosecution, governmental work (local, state, and federal), and environmental law. Active members have the opportunity to apply for summer fellowships to make summer public interest worth an attractive summer option. We also partner with many other student groups, associations, and the Career Services Office to provide opportunities for students to advance environmental and social justice while engaging in networking opportunities within the greater legal community. Ultimately, we seek to help students learn about (and hopefully pursue) employment in public interest legal work after graduation. Please like us of Facebook and join our TWEN page for up-to-date information about events throughout the academic year. 

Past Activities:

  • Penny Wars, PISA Week
  • Tacky Prom


Other resources:

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