The Juvenile and Family Law Club (JFLC) brings together CU Law students who share an interest in this area of law. The JFLC gives students the opportunity to learn about and discuss the law and policy issues relevant to families and juveniles, as well as the practice and career concerns of juvenile and family lawyers. JFLC sponsors events throughout the year that allow students to make connections with other professionals, and volunteer with at-risk youth in the larger family and juvenile law community. Students can sign up via TWEN.

Past Activities:

  • The JFLC has sponsored programs for CU students about careers in juvenile and family law, bringing professionals to campus and facilitating discussions among students about relevant intern and externships.
  • JFLC students have an ongoing relationship with Broadway Youth Shelters in Boulder, and CU students visit, bring dinner, and have led workshops in the past with foster youth and runaways.
  • JFLC has also worked with the Heritage House in Louisville to publish foster youth’s creative writing and artwork.


Other resources:

  • Click here to find us on TWEN