Barristers’ Council provides students the opportunity to develop advocacy and counseling skills, and then apply those skills in moot court, mock trial, and transactional competitions. Each year, Barristers’ Council gives students an opportunity to sharpen, polish, and apply their advocacy and counseling skills through individual coaching, law school programs, intraschool competitions, and external competitions. Third-year students and experienced attorneys serve as judges for the competitions and provide valuable feedback to all competitors. Students who demonstrate excellent performance in intraschool competitions have the opportunity to represent Colorado Law at competitions against other top law schools around the country. Students with exceptional dedication and promise have the chance to serve in leadership roles during their third-year.

  • Mock Trial
    • Mock Trial offers law students the ability to learn, practice, and honetrial skills before appearing as barred attorneys. 1Ls have the opportunity to participate in mock trial in the Fall internal completion, where they will be coached and judged by CU's Mock Trial National Team Members. 1Ls are also invited to compete in the Spring competition against DU Law! As 2Ls and 3Ls, law student can try out for CU's National Team where student compete all over the country in prestigious mock trial competitions.
    • For more information, contact: Alyssa Rhodes, Mock Trial Executive Chair at
  • Moot Court
    • Moot Court provides law students the opportunity to participate in a simulated oral argument in an appellate court. 2L and 3L students are invited to compete in the Colorado Appellate Advocacy Competition (CAAC) in the fall semester for a chance to qualify for CU’s national moot court team. Participation in CAAC also qualifies students to take part in other internal and external competitions throughout the school year. These competitions allow participants to showcase their legal writing skills in an appellate brief and develop their oral argument skills in front of fellow students, practicing attorneys, and federal and state judges.
    • For more information, please contact: Timbre Shriver, Moot Court Executive Chair, at
  • Transactional
    • Transactional competitions provide law students interested in transactional law with the opportunity to hone in on their contract drafting and negotiation skills. 1Ls are invited to participate in the Fall intraschool competition, where students will tackle the drafting and negotiating of an M&A style deal. Students will be coached and judged by practicing transactional attorneys.As 2Ls and 3Ls, law students are able to tryout for the National Transactional Team, where students compete all over the country in various LawMeets competitions such as LawMeets Transactional, LawMeets Intellectual Property, and LawMeets Start-ups.
    • For more information, please contact: Marcela Dye, Transactional Executive Chair, at


Past Activities:

Intrascholastic Competitions

  • Colorado Appellate Advocacy Competition
  • Rothgerber Moot Court Competition
  • Carrigan Cup Trial Advocacy Competition
  • Reilly Pozner Trial Challenge
  • Colorado Cup Trial Advocacy Competition
  • Hogan & Hartson Cup Trial Advocacy Competition (with the University of Denver Sturm College of Law)
  • University of Colorado Transactional Law Meet

National Competitions

  • National Appellate Advocacy Competition (sponsored by the New York Bar Association)
  • National Trial Competition (sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers)
  • National Student Trial Advocacy Competition (sponsored by the American Association of Justice)
  • Costello National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition

Special Interest Competitions

  • Price Media Law Moot Court Competition
  • Pace National Environmental Moot Court Competition
  • Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition
  • National Hispanic Moot Court Competition
  • Native American Law Student Association Moot Court Competition
  • Telecommunications Law Moot Court Competition
  • Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Moot Court Competition
  • National Moot Court in Child and Adoption Law
  • Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition
  • First Amendment and Media Law – Diversity Competition
  • American Intellectual Property Law Competition
  • Stetson Law Int’l Environmental Moot Court Competition
  • Int’l Institute of Space Law Lachs Moot Court Competition
  • NAPABA Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition

Other resources:

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  • Click here to visit the American Assoication of Justice
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