If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you must start the approval process at least 15 days before your event.  This is a time consuming and complicated process, so you want to ensure that you allow plenty of time to complete it.

  1. Please review “General Requirements for an Event Where Alcohol is Served,” the “Alcohol Service on Campus” policy, and the "Law School Alcohol Policy.” All of these documents are on the SBA TWEN Page:  SBA TWEN Page > SBA Documents > ThAC/FAC Forms.
  2. Enlist one faculty or staff member to supervise the event
  3. Fill out the authorization form (also on the SBA TWEN site) and submit it electronically to kari.robinson@colorado.edu.   Do not use the “Submit to Alcohol Agent” button. In the body of the email, include the name of your supervising Faculty/Staff person and the following statement: “I have read the General Requirements for an Event Where Alcohol is Served, and reviewed the University’s Alcohol Service on Campus policy and the Law School’s Alcohol policy and will abide by all alcohol policies and procedures in compliance with state liquor codes for hosting a private event in a public facility.” Once your event has been approved, Kari will forward you a copy of the approval email.  This may take up to ten business days.
  4. Enlist at least two TIPS Servers to serve alcohol at the event.  You can find a list of TIPS trained servers on the SBA TWEN page.
  5. Make sure to plan to have food and non-alcoholic beverages available.


  1. Get a current list of law students (all three classes) from the Dean’s Office front desk.  NOTE: Security will now be checking DRIVER’S LICENSES (or other state-issued ID), instead of just BuffOne student cards.
  2. Get wristbands from the Dean’s Office front desk.
  3. Get trash cart from the Dean’s Office front desk.
  4. Print a copy of your approval email, and have it available at your event.
  5. Set up stanchions, stored in Room 211.  If Room 211 is locked, ask for the key at the Library Circulation Desk.
  6. Café only: Set up the alcohol service area on the south end, near the fireplace.
  7. Alcohol may not be taken out of the approved serving and consumption area – this area is to be clearly delineated and marked with proper signage, also stored in Room 2.
  8. Get a trash cart from Room 211.  After the event, take the trash and recycling out to loading dock.

Here are some helpful tips for filling out the authorization form: 

  • Name of CU Department: “student organization – Law School”
  • Name of CU Event Coordinator: “Kari Robinson”
  • Responsible Person Event Contact: Must be an officer of your student org
  • “Last call” by security will be 30 minutes before your end time.
  • Number Attending: Max capacity for the Café is 150 people.
  • Food provider/caterer: If you don’t have a “formal caterer,” and you are purchasing food from e.g. Half-Fast Subs or King Soopers, write “Prepared food will be purchased from King Soopers, etc.”
  • Alcohol servers means your TIPS Servers.
  • How is your event being promoted: ALWAYS and ONLY “Personalized Invitation”
  • How will Attendees pay for alcohol: ALWAYS and ONLY “Free Event”
  • For the description of the security measures, you can write “Security will be hired by the Law School, a list of attendees will be provided to security, and stanchions will be set up to control the flow of people entering and exiting the event.”

 If you have any questions, please contact Bette Sellers-Anderson, Campus Alcohol Agent, 303-492-3269, bette.sellers-anderson@colorado.edu.