There are also multiple sources for funding for travel.  Funding can be provided to an individual or to a student group traveling to a conference.

Student Fee Committee (SFC)

The SFC and the Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO) are the most common sources of funding for conference travel. SFC funding for conference travel is capped at $500 per person and $1500 per trip.  In order to apply for funding through the SFC, please complete the following steps:

1. Complete the application form. Please indicate if you will need any advance funding. Also it can be helpful to show law school support for your funding request. In completing the form, make sure to mention any ways in which attendance at the conference will bring concrete benefits and learning to the law school and campus. Use the same form to pursue all possible funding sources through SOFO (see below).

2. Submit the form to Dean Leary ( six weeks prior to the trip.

3. If Dean Leary grants law school approval for your request, she will notify you. Pick up the form and deliver it to the travel liason at SOFO.

4. SOFO will then instruct you on where to pursue funding, either through CUSG, CCS, or the Representative Council.

5. SOFO will also direct your application to the Coordinated Administrative Funding Committee. No further student action is needed for this step.

6. You will be informed of whether you received funding and in what amount.

7. You can then come back to Dean Leary if you still need additional funding from SFC.

8. If you are short a nominal amount (for example, if you are $100 short) you can approach SOFO again.

United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS)

UGGS is the primary advocacy group for graduate and professional students on the CU-Boulder campus. UGGS is a possible source of funding for conference travel. UGGS sponsors individual travel grants. Each year, grants open at the beginning of each semester. It is important to plan ahead to ensure that you don’t miss the application window.

Individual travel grants: UGGS awards funding to individual graduate students to support travel to academic conferences, meetings, or events related to the student’s studies. Students are eligible to receive travel aid only once in their tenure as a CU-Boulder graduate student. Travel grant policies and procedures and example essays can be found here.