When are the deadlines for hiring law student externs?
Due to the paperwork associated with externships and the law school registration deadlines, students must have all externship paperwork handed in by the first day of classes for each semester.  If students miss this deadline they will not be able to receive credit for the externship.

Can a field supervisor provide supervision to more than one law student extern in the same semester?
Due to the time commitment, field supervisors generally supervise only one student however, exceptions can be made.

Can more than one attorney or judge supervise a law student extern?
Students are permitted to work with various members of the office, but due to law school rules one person must be designated as the extern's supervisor.

How far in advance should an employer post an externship opportunity?
Students typically begin looking for externships in the semester before they will be working for an employer.  Therefore, it is best to post positions by October/November for Spring externships, February/March for Summer externships, and July/August for Fall externships.

If an employer wants to hire an extern every semester does the employer need to re post the externship every semester?
Please notify the Office of Career Development at lawext@colorado.edu if you would like your externship to be available every semester and we will make sure the posting is always active.  We recommend that you indicate application deadlines for each semester when you write the job description so that students apply in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Director of the Experiential Learning Program.