Incoming second and third year students are invited to participate on the Environmental Law Review based on either our cite-on or write-on competition.

Cite-on:  The cite-on competition occurs annually during Spring Break and students are evaluated based on completion of a citation exercise, statement of interest, and anonymous resume.

Write-on: The write-on competition occurs annually after spring semester finals, in conjunction with the other Journals. Students must submit an original work written on any topic contained in the write-on packet, which has all the sources that may be referred to while writing the paper. Reference to any other source is prohibited. Students must also submit a statement of interest and anonymous resume.

  •  Submissions for both competitions are read and evaluated by current Environmental Law Review members.
  •  For both competitions, the Environmental Law Review considers interest in the Journal’s subject matter as a minor factor.
  •  The grading sheets used are available upon request.
  •  The Journal extends invitations to fill approximately half its membership for the upcoming academic year based on the cite-on competition and fills the remainder of its membership based on the write-on competition.

 For more information about either competition, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at

If you are a transfer student entering the University of Colorado Law School as a second year student in August, and you would like to participate in the write-on competition for your current year, please email the Environmental Law Review’s Editor-in-Chief at