As you make the transition to law school, it is important that you learn how to successfully manage stress and organize your time wisely. It may also be useful to consider some of the following ideas:
  • Consider ways to maintain your personal identity.  Continue to do the things that energize you and to spend time with the people you care about.  Law school can feel all consuming, but it is important to maintain your connections to the world outside of Wolf.  Learn about ways that current students get involved outside of law school.
  • Develop and maintain your support system.  Who are the people that can support you?  Make sure you are asking them for help and maintaining your connections with the most important people.  It is common to abandon all life out of law school, which can alienate those around you.  
  • You will have tutoring available for all of your 1L classes. Take advantage of it and get to know your tutors - most of them choose to tutor because they want to help make your transition easier.
  • Talk to faculty, staff, and 2Ls and 3Ls; ask for advice. 
  • Attend the fall Career Perspectives Series, the spring series on Professionalism, and any student group events of interest.  

In addition, the law library put together a great guide on how to succeed during your first year of law school. The guide includes links to study aids available in the library, advice on how to learn the law, tips on having a work/life balance, and much more.