The LLM degree does not qualify foreign lawyers to practice law in the United States. Each individual state and similar jurisdiction in the US regulates the admission of attorneys to the practice of law within its jurisdiction. The requirements for bar admission vary from state to state and are quite complex. A foreign LLM student who plans to sit for a bar examination in the US should carefully investigate the relevant requirements prior to beginning his/her studies.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to read the information provided by the Board of Legal Examiners in the state in which s/he wishes to sit the bar. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact that state’s Board of Legal Examiners with any questions, to submit all documents and fees in a timely manner, and to complete any US law courses required by that state’s Board of Legal Examiners.

Traditionally, the New York and California bar examinations were the primary choice of US state bar examinations for international lawyers. However, a few additional US states (Texas, Washington, Vermont, for example) have revised their eligibility requirements to account for foreign lawyers.  We highly encourage all LLM students to consider the relevant state's eligibility criteria if they intend to qualify to sit a US state bar exam BEFORE matriculation so as to control for state specific curricular requirements prior to fall course (module) registration.

Each state and/or similar jurisdition has final authority to determine whether an applicant meets the requirements to sit its bar examination.