Law students generally prefer to live in off-campus accommodations. The International Student and Scholar Services has information on long and short-term housing options.

Family housing consists of several apartment complexes located north and east of campus. One and two-bedroom apartments are for married students, and studio-style apartments (i.e., one-room quarters) are for single students. There is usually a very long wait due to high demand, so apply early. The application for family housing is separate from that of the residence halls. For further information, contact the Family Housing Office at 1350 20th Street, Boulder, CO 80302, call 303-492-6384, or email

The combination of living in an extremely bike friendly city, the CU student bus pass, Boulder's designation as a Gold Level Walk Friendly Community, and a relatively medium size college town provides for easy student access to campus and should reassure most international student concerns regarding a potential commute to campus.  The University of Colorado-Boulder also provides bus access to the Denver International Airport, the Late Night Transit program to assuage any safety and security concerns, and a Ski Bus Program that includes access to multiple Colorado ski resorts.  More information for CU student transportation options can be found on our Environmental Center's website.