Road Test Law School: Colorado Law Offers A Summer Undergraduate Course

Colorado Law will offer undergraduate students the opportunity to a take law class this summer.  Students will be able to road test law school teaching.  

Whether you want to explore the legal field as a potential career or simply expand your knowledge, these courses will provide an enriching experience.

LAWS 4075: Introduction to American Law

  • 3 semester hours
  • Maymester: May 9-May 26, 2022
  • Instructor: Amy Bauer

This course introduces the American legal system and legal reasoning and argumentation via case studies of prominent litigation, such as the constitutional litigation over same-sex marriage or the mass toxic torts that were the subject of Agent Orange on Trial or A Civil Action. Students will learn basic conceptual building blocks of American law, including the hierarchy of court systems, how lawyers and courts make distinctions between facts and law, the relationships among common, statutory, and constitutional law, the interactions between procedural and substantive law, legal precedent, the interactions between federal and state law, the adversarial process, and the ethics and social norms that govern and shape the behavior of American lawyers. Students will also practice basic lawyering skills to provide a taste of what they would do in law school or as lawyers, including reading and interpreting constitutional provisions, statutes, or regulations, reading and understanding judicial opinions, and mapping out and making basic forms of legal arguments.

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