If you are holding an event in the Wolf Law Building and would like to hire an event technician for your event please read the services offered and rate information below. To request an event technician please contact Colorado Law IT. If you would prefer not to have an event technician, please read the "No Charge Services" below to see what training is available to you.  When you choose the no charge option the success of your event is entirely in your hands. 

Hire an AV Technician | Event Services provided

  • IT Support
    • Computer setup and troubleshooting
    • PowerPoint/Presentation setup
    • Apple computer connectivity (adapters required)
    • Internet connectivity (Wireless and Ethernet available)
  • Audio/Video Support
    • Courtroom/classroom projectors configuration
    • Event recording (HD mp4 files and DVD video formats available)
    • Livesteaming (courtroom only).
    • Microphone setup (wireless (courtroom only), handheld (courtroom only), and podium)
    • Audio tuning with built-in sound systems
    • Laser pointers, PowerPoint slide advancers.
  • Room layout and setup
    • Podium and table(s) setup

$150 first hour
$50 each additional hour

Video Conferencing:
Video conferencing is available in the Wolf Law Building in a dedidated video-conference room (327J) and also through a mobile cart that can be setup in any classroom, conference room, or seminar room. This requires an IT Event Technician at the above rates. Colorado Law IT staff coordinates a test video conference at least one business day before to troubleshoot any technical connectivity issues. An event technician is also on hand during the actual video conference to establish the connection and also troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the video conference.  To schedule a video-conference within the Wolf Law Building please contact lawit@colorado.edu.

OIT has a web site that lists Supported Video Conference facilities at: http://www.colorado.edu/oit/conferencing

  • STADIUM 192
  • To schedule a videoconference you should have information regarding the technical support contact(s) for the other site(s) participating in the videoconference. To schedule, please visit http://www.colorado.edu/oit/conferencing

If the video conferencing facilities in Norlin E109 or Stadium 307 do not meet your needs, there are also video conferencing facilities in the Atlas building. You can review these services here.

No charge services
If you prefer to handle the AV yourself during your event the Colorado Law IT department offers a one-time 30 minute Audio/Video training session at least 1 business day before your event. Please refer to the "how to" documentation below for your particular venue (courtroom, classroom, or seminar room) and familiarize yourself with the AV system for your room. Please contact the Colorado Law IT to schedule your one-time training session.
NOTE: This does not cover any setup or support immediately before or during your event. The success of your event is completely in your hands.  Colorado Law IT does not guarantee any emergency support will be available to you if something goes wrong.

Wolf Law AV documentation