Law School Proud to Welcome Two New Faculty Members: Davidson and Huntington

Aug. 1, 2004

The Law School proudly welcomes two new faculty members as Associate Professors starting in the Fall of 2004. Nestor Davidson attended Columbia Law School, serving as Articles Editor on the Columbia Law Review and receiving the John Ordronaux Prize for the highest grade point average in his class. After law... Read more »

Health Access through Tobacco Tax is Focus of Colorado Law Conference

July 20, 2004

Although tobacco addiction is the leading cause of preventable death in Colorado, the state's cigarette tax is ranked lowest in the nation and some critics say the rate encourages tobacco use. The cigarette tax and other tobacco-related health topics will be explored during a monthlong series of conferences and presentations... Read more »

Librarians Win Writing Award

July 1, 2004

Law Library Journal honors outstanding achievement in research and writing with its Article of the Year Award. This year's award went to two librarians from the University of Colorado Law Library. Georgia Briscoe, Associate Director and Head of Technical Services and Karen Selden, Catalog Librarian, won the award for their... Read more »

Groundwater: The West Focus 25th Colorado Law Summer Conference

June 20, 2004

The Colorado Law Natural Resources Law Center celebrated its 25th Annual Summer Conference by exploring one of the most important natural resources of the 21st century: groundwater. Titled "Groundwater in the West," the conference was held June 16-18 at the Fleming Law Building on the University of Colorado at Boulder... Read more »

Law Library Tops 500,000 Volumes

June 14, 2004

The Law Library has celebrated an exciting milestone with the addition of its 500,000th volume. With this achievement, the Colorado Law Library joined the ranks of what are considered "large" law libraries. But more important than the quantity of volumes in the collection, is the quality. The law library boasts... Read more »

Law Library Welcomes Russell Sweet

May 15, 2004

The Colorado Law Library is delighted to welcome Russell Sweet as the Assistant Librarian for Public Services. Russ brings a wide variety of experience both academically and geographically. Born in southern California, he graduated from the University of California, Riverside, and then headed to the east coast where he obtained... Read more »

Colorado Court of Appeals to Hear Bloom Case At Colorado Law Wednesday

April 6, 2004

Editors: Photographers and a pool videographer will be allowed to shoot photos during the hearing, but are required not to use flash or special lighting. For photography details contact Karen Salaz at . A pressroom will be available in room 157, located across from the courtroom. The Colorado Court... Read more »

Law School's New Wrongful Convictions Clinic Increasingly Active

March 1, 2004

The American criminal justice system contains many features designed to guard against convicting an innocent person. But we are humans, and mistakes happen, and there are innocent people in prison, and there are innocent people who have been executed. We'll never have a perfect system, but over the past few... Read more »

Public Land Conflicts Topic of Rothgerber Conference

Jan. 20, 2004

Exploring how public land conflicts, such as the historic road "rights-of-way" debate in Colorado's Moffat County, are fought and resolved in the political arena was the focus of Colorado Law's 11th Annual Ira C. Rothgerber Jr. Conference. Titled "Constitutional Conflicts on Public Lands," the two-day conference at Fleming on January... Read more »