Published: July 20, 2010

The CU-Boulder Outreach Committee awarded Colorado Law faculty two grants for 2010-11 projects that extend faculty expertise to external audiences, linking their teaching and scholarship to outreach activities.Energy Justice: Combating Poverty and Global Warming in Ayaviri PeruProfessor Laksham GuruswamyThe Energy Justice project is designed to provide appropriate and sustainable energy solutions for the energy needs of the poor living in the town of Ayaviri, Peru. This component of the interdisciplinary project (World Energy Justice Partnership (WJEP) of the Center for Energy and Environmental Security) will evaluate and prioritize the energy needs and restrictions in a community of 250 households and match the needs with available resources to disseminate sustainable energy technologies. Appropriate sustainable energy technologies can lay the foundation for a new socio-political development path that not only avoids the mistakes of centralized fossil power generations, but also creates indigenous development opportunities that enable burdened societies, and especially the women within them, to make genuine economic and social progress.Navajo Solar Light Project Professor Sarah KrakoffThis project will work to address the energy needs of rural Navajo families who lack access to electricity and are forced to rely on wood and kerosene for energy. This project will search for a solution to the Navajo’s forgotten energy crisis by demonstrating the feasibility of utilizing appropriate sustainable energy technologies, such as solar-powered lights, to begin to meet the energy needs of rural Indian communities.