Published: March 3, 2006

The Republican Law Society, in an effort to promote intellectual and political diversity by including Republican and conservative ideas and principles among the law students, invited Marc Holtzman to come speak to students during lunch on March 2, 2006, about various issues affecting Colorado including but not limited to education, technology, and state’s economy. Marc Holtzman was the first Secretary of Technology of Colorado and former president of the University of Denver.  He is currently a Republican candidate for governor.  Some of the issues covered during his visit included:Economic Development and JobsMarc Holtzman believes that Colorado’s next Governor needs to serve as the Salesman-in-Chief of the State.  As Colorado’s first Secretary of Technology under Governor Bill Owens, Marc helped to persuade prominent companies like Intel to move facilities and quality jobs to Colorado.  Marc recruited dozens of biotech and aerospace companies into Colorado.  These are the businesses of the future, businesses that will last through boom and bust, and they bring with them the kind of good, high-paying jobs that people in Colorado deserve-jobs not just for those with PhDs, but jobs for working men and women with all kinds of educational qualification.  K-12 EducationExcept for public safety, Marc Holtzman believes that public education is the most important service that our state and local governments provide, and Colorado families deserve to get their money’s worth.  As Governor of Colorado, Marc Holtzman wishes to pursue an education agenda that will limit bureaucratic interference so teachers can teach and students can learn.  Marc supports education reform including merit pay for teachers, school choice and the rights of parents to educate their children at home.His Plan for the Future…Marc Holtzman stresses that Colorado must increase the number of high school students who go to college, and must ensure that when they get to college, they are prepared to succeed.  Achieving these goals depends on the job Colorado does educating children during their K-12 years.  The goals of Denver School of Science and Technology, a charter high school he helped establish, should be the goals of every Colorado public school:  to ensure that 100% of our students meet state standards in math, science and English, and that 100% of our students gain college acceptance and are prepared to successfully earn a college degree.For more information about Marc Holtzman, visit