Published: Nov. 28, 2005

On November 8, 2005, House and Senate members of the Colorado State Legislature convened a “Forum for Colorado 's Energy Future.” Held in the State Capitol's Old Supreme Court Chambers, the forum was designed to identify pathways for making Colorado a national and international leader in sustainable energy. Chaired by House Majority Leader Alice Madden, CU Law '89, the forum featured a number of distinguished panelists invited to speak on various aspects of Colorado 's energy situation. Kevin Doran, EESI Research Fellow, CU Law '03, was the only CU researcher to receive the distinction of an invitation to participate in the forum's panel—which also included Dr. Stanley Bull, Associate Director of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Dr. Dag Nummedal, Director of the Colorado Energy Research Institute. Kevin's presentation focused on providing the legislators with a detailed and comparative understanding of Colorado 's current and future energy profile. The presentation also delineated what other States are doing in terms of strategic energy planning, and made the case for creating a long-term, integrated strategic energy plan for the State of Colorado. Select slides from the presentation are made available below. About the Energy & Environmental Security Initiative (EESI): A project of CU Law, EESI's fundamental mission is to facilitate the attainment of a global sustainable energy future through the innovative use of laws and policies. EESI has two primary goals: (1) to serve as an enabling environment for teaching and research into the impact of laws and policies on the scientific, engineering, sociopolitical, and commercial dimensions of sustainable energy; and (2) to establish an institute at CU Law dedicated to understanding and improving the interface between laws and policies and progress toward a global sustainable energy future. About Kevin L. Doran: Kevin Doran is an attorney and research fellow at the University of Colorado School of Law's Energy & Environmental Security Initiative (EESI). His current work involves analyzing the dynamic interface between laws and policies and the use of sustainable energy technologies. Kevin is also the lead project manager for CU Law's International Sustainable Energy Assessment—a project designed to analyze the impact of international agreements on the development and commercial deployment of clean energy technologies. He has practiced law, consulted, taught, lectured, and published concerning matters in energy law and policy and international law. Prior to joining EESI, Kevin was a research associate at the Natural Resources Law Center specializing in the international use of conservation easements. He received his law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law in 2003, where he was an editor of the Law Review and president of the Environmental Law Society. Kevin L. Doran, Building a Sustainable Energy Future for Colorado (November 8, 2005); presented at the Forum for Colorado's Energy Future, Colorado State Capitol, November 8, 2005. Select presentation slides below: