Published: June 8, 2005

Elsa Martinez Tenreiro`89The Denver Bar Association announced on June 6 the recipients of its Lawyers of the Year Award.  From maintaining an even keel during tumultuous impeachment attempts to starting a program for at-risk youth at Greenlee Elementary School, seven Denver Bar Association attorneys will be honored for outstanding commitment to the community and legal profession at the annual party on Thursday, June 9, at the Denver Public Library.Co-recipients of Volunteer Lawyer of the Year are Jim Castle and Elsa Martinez Tenreiro.  Tenreiro ‘89, has spearheaded the Denver regional tournament for mock trials for more than a decade, and worked in most public legal education projects. "She's the first to step up to the plate, the last to complain about workload, and is incredibly dedicated to the success of all projects she participates in," said the DBA.