A sampling of courses regularly offered can be found below.  Courses numbered 5000 and above are graduate courses. Please see individual department pages or search MyCUInfo for current semester class listings.  Special courses focusing on Latin America may also be offered on a one-time basis. Contact departments and Latin Americanist faculty for more information.

Language courses to build Spanish and Portuguese skills are also available. A new Minor in Portuguese is also available.


ANTH 1115 The Caribbean in Post-Colonial Perspective
ANTH 1135 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Andes
ANTH 1140 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Maya
ANTH 1145 Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Aztecs
ANTH 3110 Ethnography of Mexico and Central America
ANTH 4020 Cuban Culture
ANTH 4020 /5220 From Olmec to Aztec: The Archaeology of Mexico
ANTH 4224/5224 Archaeology of the Maya and their Neighbors
ANTH 4740 People and Cultures of Brazil
ANTH 4730 /5730 Latin American Politics and Culture through Film and Text
ARTH 3209 Renaissance Art out of the Canon
ARTH 3729 Foundations in Latin American Art
ARTH 4419 The Arts of Colonial Mexico and Peru
ARTH 4429/5429 Latin American Art since 1492
ARTH 4459 Precolumbian Art of Mesoamerica
ARTH 4779/5779 Multicultural Perspectives on New Mexican Santos
ETHN 2746 Chicana/Chicano and Mexican Literature
ETHN 4001 Screening Race, Class, and Gender in the U.S. and the Global Borderlands
FILM 3003 New & Contemporary Latin American Cinemas
FILM 4003/ ARTF/COML 5003 Film and Fiction: Latin American Narrative
FILM 2003 Cinema & Culture: Latin America
GEOG 3812 Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
GEOG 4100 Development and Environment in Latin America
GEOG 4292/5292 Migration, Immigrant Adaptation, and Development
GEOG 4742 Environment and Development in South America
HIST 6030 Readings: Frontiers and Borderlands in the Americas
HIST 1028 Latin American History since 1800
HIST 1038 Introduction to Latin American History
HIST 3018 Seminar in Latin American History
HIST 4020 Global History of 1968
HIST 4118 History of Colonial Mexico to 1821
HIST 4119/5119 Latin American Revolutions
HIST 4128/5128 The Emergence of Modern Mexico
HIST 4138 Southwest Borderlands to 1900
MUSC 4112 Ethnomusicology
MUSC 4892/5892 Latin American Music
MUSC 2772 World Music Theories
PORT 2350 Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
PORT 3320 Latin American Culture: Spanish America and Brazil
PORT 4110/5110 Survey of Brazilian Literature
PORT 3230 Lusophone Cultures: Brazil, Portugal, and Lusophone Africa
PSCI 3032 Latin American Political Systems
PSCI 3042 Latin American Economic Development
PSCI 3052/ WMST 3650 Women and Politics in Latin America
PSCI 4012 Global Development
PSCI 4122 The Military in Politics: Latin America and the U.S.
PSCI 4131/ 7031 Latinos and the U.S. Political System
PSCI 4732 Critical Thinking in Development
PSCI 4792 Issues in Latin American Politics
PSCI 7032 Graduate seminar, Latin American Politics
RLST 3838 Dancing, Religion, and Culture
SOCY 3161 Sociological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
SOCY4131 Women and Work in the Global Economy
SOCY 6061 Topics in Sex and Gender: Gender and Globalization
SPAN 1000 Cultural Difference Through Hispanic Literature
SPAN 3030/3040 Spanish for Business
SPAN 3210 The Cultural Heritage of Latin America
SPAN 3800 Selected Readings: Latin American Literature in Translation
SPAN 4060/4070 Problems of Business Translation in Spanish
SPAN 4110 Hispanic Women Writers
SPAN 4170 Colonial/19th Century Spanish America
SPAN 4180 20th Century Spanish America
SPAN 4220 Special Topics in Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 4430/5430 Spanish of Southern Colorado & New Mexico
SPAN 4430/5430 Spanish in Contact: Linguistic Outcomes
SPAN 4450/5450 Introduction to Spanish Sociolinguistics
WMST 2000 Introduction to Feminist Studies
WMST 2600 Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context
WMST 3200 Religion and Feminist Thought
WMST 3600 Latinas: History, Culture, and Social Activism
WMST 3650 / PSCI 3052 Women and Politics in Latin America
WMST 4300 Sex, Power, Politics: International Perspectives