The certificate is fully online because this modality gives students the flexibility to further their education without a high impact on their work lives and family lives. It is, however, a rigorous program that requires the following skills:

Time commitment: The certificate is a graduate program. For a 3 credit hour course offered over 10 weeks, you can expect to spend between 8-12 working on the various assignments every week (readings, papers, lesson plans, discussions, etc).

Time management skills: the courses are teacher-led (not self-paced). There are deadlines each week. You need to have good time management skills. We suggest reserving periods of time to study and participate in the course.

Technical skills: you must be able to troubleshoot basic problems, install updates, software, etc and use (or be willing to learn) basic tools such as GoogleDrive. Be resourceful, be prepared and communicate promptly with your instructor when you encounter issues.

Communication skills: most of the communication you will engage in will be non-verbal. It is important that you know how to communicate effectively and respectfully with your instructors and your peers asynchronously and synchronously.

English reading and writing skills: the reading materials and assignments are all at the graduate level. Note that you have the option to start the program by taking LGTC 5045 to improve your written and/or spoken English prior to completing the rest of the program.

Creative thinking and collaborative skills: team assignments require good collaborative skills. Many activities require that you think creatively about how to best realize the educational potential of various tools. 

Grit & independence: this program is for adult learners who are willing to take ownership of their own learning experiences and who are determined to tackle challenges as they encounter them.

Note: You will need 24/7 access to an Internet connection, a recent computer with a functional sound card and webcam. 

A word about social media and other tools
As part of your course work, you may be asked to create profiles on a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This is an integrant and required part of the program as we explore the potential of these tools for teaching, learning and professional development. You may create anonymous profiles if you wish and cancel your accounts once the coursework is over.