Thank you to Nathalie Ettzevoglou, Margot Riemer, Tasha Hagerman, Kristin Marena and Heidi Trude for sharing their study tips and advice!

Start small:

  • Take one class at a time at first
  • If you’re nervous about the workload, about taking an online course or doing graduate work, start with LGTC 5045 because  it’s one credit


  • Don’t get overwhelmed the first week
  • Reach out and ask for help to your instructor or classmates, they answer very quickly
  • If you’re nervous, remember you’re going to meet great people

Hit the ground running

  • Log into Canvas as soon as the course is open
  • Pay attention the first 2 weeks, it sets the tone for the course and the whole program, the rest will be easier after that
  • Develop your own note taking system and plan on extracting quotes and relevant information as the course goes.

Get organized

  • Use a planner (Google Keep)
  • Decide when you’re going to do the work and block it.
  • Block off time to study on your calendar every week
  • Download the Canvas app
  • Set your email notifications in Canvas

Manage your time

  • Each week, read the learning objectives to understand what you are expected to master
  • If possible, do the readings on Sunday and even post your 2 initial replies
  • Read the discussion questions first and then do the readings
  • Jump on the discussion board asap or there will be a ton of threads when you log in and it’s overwhelming
  • Do the live discussions when they are an option
  • Do a little work every day and work ahead when you can
  • Be proactive, avoid last minute work and plan for unexpected delays

Connect and collaborate

  • Collaborate with the other students in the course and the program (follow them on social media, etc.)
  • Join as many PD organizations as possible

Use it or lose it

  • Use what you learn in the courses as much as possible
  • Try to adapt all the activities to your own context or try to envision a future teaching context