Congratulations on signing up for a certificate course. This page will provide you with important information on what to do next. 

Mandatory tasks

Locate your login credentials

In order to be able to use any of the CU Boulder services (our Course Management System, email, portal, library services, etc) you will need to know your Identikey, also called your CU login. Your Identikey was created when you registered. It is a unique combination composed of letters from your first and last names and numbers. You also created a password. You will need both to be able to log into the various tools we use in the certificate. You can reset your password on the CU Boulder identity manager page

Activate your CU email

CU Boulder uses Gmail. To log in your CU gmail account, go to and login using your and your Identikey password.

  • You will receive an orientation email from your instructor on the Friday before the start of the course you registered for.
  • Once a course has started, your CU email is the only one your instructor will use to communicate with you. Check your email daily to avoid missing important information!
  • You may choose to forward your CU email to another email of your choice. Here are email forwarding instructions

Note: This information might be confusing because your email is also your and anybody can email you at that address but to log into your email, you need to use your

RSVP to the welcome email (Friday before the start of the course)

Check your CU email on the Friday before the start of the course you registered for. You will be prompted to rsvp to the welcome email. This allows the instructor to verify that you are set for the course. 

Log in to the course (Friday before the start of the course)

Most courses open on the Friday before the official start date of the course. To log in your course, visit and login using your identikey. You will find a welcome message from your instructor on the homepage of the course as well as an orientation video. The video will let you know how to get started with the course. 

What to expect in your course

The certificate courses are hosted in Canvas, the university’s course management system (see login information above).

  • You will gain access to the course you registered for about two days before the course officially starts (as long as you registered at least one week before the beginning of the course).
  • The course will contain an orientation video for you to watch.
  • All deadlines are in Mountain time.
  • Typically, course content is organized by weekly units.
  • New units start on Sunday morning (although they usually open on the Friday before) and end on Saturdays.
  • In most units, you have to complete the readings and answer a set number of questions on the discussion board by Wednesday at noon Mountain time and then reply and engage 1-3 times with your classmates throughout the rest of the week.
  • Deliverables are usually due at the end of the week.
  • If you need an extension or feel that you are having a hard time keeping up with the pace of the course, immediately contact your instructor.

You may also want to:

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Follow us on social media 

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Join the private certificate Facebook group

The private Facebook is open to current and former students, certificate staff, and instructors. To join the group, click on the invitation link and request access. If you go by a pseudonym that I can’t recognize, please let me know what it is. We use this group to exchange tips and advice on how to teach languages with technology as well as information about the certificate. 

Explore other tools we use


Your GoogleDocs login information are the same as your email. To log into GoogleDrive, go to and enter the following credentials: and your password. 

We use GoogleDocs in all certificate courses. You will be asked to open, edit and create GoogleDocs frequently. Watch this tutorial if you need to learn how to that.

You probably already have a Google account, possibly more than one. It is important that you understand how to switch to the CU Google account. If you try to open a document and get a message saying that you need permission, it is probably because you are logged into the wrong Google account. Do not click the Request Access button. Instead, check which account you are logged into. Here is a tutorial on how to manage multiple Google accounts.

Your browser might occasionally send you an error message saying that you don’t have access to this service. Clear your browser history and try logging in again.


BuffPortal is the university portal. You will use it to register for courses, check your final grades, download transcript, etc. To log in, use yourIdentikey (not followed by and your password.


The University of Colorado Boulder has a site license for VoiceThread. You can use it by logging in with your identikey (just your identikey, not followed by and password at

Zoom (Video conferencing)

Zoom is a videoconferencing program. Most times, you will receive a link to join a conference room and you will not need to log in at all to join. However, if you wish to use Zoom to initiate a meeting with some classmates, use the following credentials. CU Boulder has a Zoom site license. Log in: . To log in, use and your password. 

LinkedIn Learning

“LinkedIn Learning is an online library of high-quality video tutorials, created by industry professionals teaching a wide variety of software tools and skills. The full range of these tutorials are available to current faculty, students and staff.” Source.

Visit this page for more information: 

Library VPN

You may at some point need an article that is not freely available to the public. Here is how to access our library off-campus:

Contact and help information

  • For with course registration, contact the Continuing Ed registration desk: or 303-492-5148.

  • For help or questions about course content, deadlines or clarifications on assignments, contact your instructor.

  • For broken links in your course or other issues with the course, contact

  • For technical problems (login, email, etc), contact OIT: or 303 735-HELP