Mark Knowles
LGTC 5010 Instructor (SLA and Teaching Methods)

Dr. Knowles has been dedicated to a communicative vision of language instruction since the mid-1980s, at which point he took a CALL course and saw the potential of HyperCard for linking multimedia projects to a learner-centered approach. Until his recent retirement, he was involved with language centers since 1996, including a five-year stint as Assistant and Associate Director of Yale’s Center for Language Study and as Director of CU-Boulder’s ALTEC from 2008 through 2018. He is especially intrigued by the continuities and discontinuities between progressivist pedagogies in general education versus early stage language education, and is equally intrigued by the notion that language is culture in motion (Savignon 1983). The final challenge of this SLA course is to dream about how those elements can be woven together.