Dr. Mark Knowles
Director of ALTEC • Certificate cofounder

I have been a language teacher since graduate school in the 1980s when I taught French and English, and I have been involved with language centers since 1996.  Prior to becoming the Director of ALTEC in 2008, I was an assistant director at the Center for Language Study at Yale University for five years.  I am especially fond of the multimedia applications that connect people with people in creative and ludic ways, and I see technology as a virtual extension from our minds into the world and into the human community, and then back again, creating an optimal feedback loop that illustrates Sandra Savignon’s definition of language as culture in motion.  I also like to find ways of extending language learning to as many people as possible and to as many languages as possible, and have been a proponent of the Directed Independent Language Study program at both Yale and CU-Boulder.