Are learning and fun mutually exclusive? 
Very few instructional strategies are more divisive than game-based approaches to education. On the one end, some teachers fully believe in the educational potential of games for language learning and routinely use game-based learning and gamification to enhance or even at times completely redesign their curriculum. On the other end, some believe that games are nothing but a distraction to serious learning endeavors. This course will give you a chance to examine your own beliefs about game-based education and learn the facts from the literature. We will discuss instances where games are used as fillers with little to no learning potential and other instances where games allow the design of challenging and rigorous learning activities. This course is an excellent fit for teachers who want to deepen their understanding of game-based education or complete novice gamers (or non-gamers) curious about this approach. 

7 weeks | Fully online course | 2 graduate credits | March 21 to May 09, 2020 | $990

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