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  • 7 week, fully online course
  • 2 graduate credits
  • $990 (no other fees, same tuition for in-state, out-of-state and international students)
  • Required course for certificate seekers
  • Contact: LGTCcertificate@colorado.edu 

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About the Course:

Do you explore the full potential of technology in your world language classroom? The educational technology landscape is overwhelming. New tools, new ideas, and new approaches become available every day but there is only so much time. This course proposes a straightforward approach to technology integration in the world language classroom, grounded in the ACTFL standards, the can-do statements and 21st-century skills and themes. We will explore the following themes: the SAMR Model; the 1:1 classroom; using authentic web-based resources; Developing Intercultural Competence; Digital Storytelling; Social Media; Technology & Assessment.  

Each week, you will explore the theme at hand through readings and online discussions; learn the technology tools relevant to this theme and draft a lesson plan or brainstorm an activity. For example, during the week on Digital Storytelling, you will read and discuss an article, look at examples, learn how to use Adobe Spark and design a simple lesson plan.


Course Format:

This 7-week fully online course is mostly asynchronous but not self-paced. There are weekly deadlines.  All course materials (readings, podcasts, etc) are provided within the course shell.


Certificate Credits:

LGTC 5030 is worth 2 graduate credits. It is a required course of the Teaching Language with Technology Graduate Certificate. Completion of this course counts towards the 12-credit graduate certificate program. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to download a transcript showing that you have completed the course.


Tuition and Funding:

The tuition for the course is $990. Visit our funding page for additional information. Here is a template letter to request funding for the course. 


Technical Requirements: 

You will need a reliable Internet connection and a recent computer (desktop or laptop, not a tablet) with a functional sound card and webcam. 


Registration Instructions