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  • 7-week course: May 31 to July 18, 2020
  • Fully online course
  • 2 graduate credit
  • $990 (no other fees, same tuition for in-state, out-of-state and international students)
  •  Registration closes May 27, 2020, or when the course is full. 
  • Contact: Edwige.simon@colorado.edu


Registration instructions
Course code: LGTC 5010

If you were called upon by people you report to in your school or college to explain Second Language Acquisition and how it connects to your teaching practices, how comfortable would you be with that request? The goal of this course is to allow you to articulate your own, unique answer to this central question. LGTC 5010 is designed for world language educators (K-12 and Higher Education) who wish to refresh and expand their knowledge of SLA theories and connect them to their teaching practices. Each week addresses a different theme that you explore through readings, podcasts, videos and online discussions with your instructors and your peers.

Anne BecherAnne Helen Becher: anne.becher@colorado.edu

Anne Becher (MA in Hispanic Linguistics), has been teaching Methods of Teaching and Second Language Acquisition classes for the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at CU Boulder since 2005.  She trains new TAs in the Department and supervises its first-year Spanish courses.  Additionally, she is the Department's advisor and supervisor for candidates for the Secondary Spanish Teaching Licensure program.  She is co-author of the 9th, 10th and 11th editions of the college-level Spanish textbook Puntos de partida (McGraw Hill)Anne loves teaching all levels of Spanish, and has recently won a state- and regional-level Excellence in Teaching awards from the Colorado Congress of Teaching Foreign Languages (2018) and the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (2019).

Course Format:
This 7-week fully online course is mostly asynchronous but not self-paced. There are weekly deadlines.  Required text: While We're On the Topic: BVP on Language, Acquisition, and Classroom Practice by Bill VanPatten. ACTFL, 2017 ($28)

Certificate Credits:
LGTC 5010 is worth 2 graduate credits. It is an elective. Completion of this course counts towards the 12-credit graduate certificate in Language Teaching with Technology.  Upon completion of the course, you will be able to download a transcript showing that you have completed the course.

Tuition and Funding:
The tuition for the course is $990. Visit our funding page for additional information. Here is a template letter to request funding for the course. 

Technical Requirements: 
You will need a reliable Internet connection and a recent computer (desktop or laptop, not a tablet) with a functional sound card and webcam. 

Drop and Withdrawal Policy:

Drop date: 6/7/2020

This is the last date to drop the class without a W grade and receive a 100% tuition refund. If you drop after this date, the class will appear on your transcript with a W grade and you will be responsible for the full tuition amount. Drop and withdraw requests must be emailed to the Program Director.

Course code: LGTC 5010