LGTC 5035: Teaching Languages Online

8 week course (2cr): Sept 16 to Nov 11, 2017 ($880)

This course explores the topic of teaching and learning languages online with an emphasis on best practices, course design, assessment, and the use of synchronous and asynchronous tools. You will learn to plan, deliver, teach, and assess an online unit through a learning management systems and various Web 2.0 tools. Your work will culminate with the creation of a sample course plan and sample module for a prospective online language course. This course is good fit for teachers who wish to learn to teach fully online or to create online materials to supplement their face-to-face courses. 

This class is full! It will be offered again in fall 2018!

LGTC 5045: Telecollaboration Exchange for Language Learning

6 week course (1cr): Sept 23 to Nov 4, 2017 ($440)

The goal of this course is to allow you to work on your own language proficiency. You will meet twice a week for 30 minutes with a native or near native speaker of the language you teach via video conferencing. You will conduct 10 sessions total. Each week, you will listen back to your sessions and write short reflections as well as read and discuss short articles related to the challenges of developing and maintaining oral proficiency with your instructor and classmates. 

This class is full! It will be offered again in summer 2018!

LGTC 5030: Tools in Practice

8 week course (2cr): Oct 21 to Dec 16 ($880)

This course will introduce you to major technology themes. You will explore the educational potential of the following themes through scholarly readings and lesson planning: the ACTFL World Readiness Standards and the SAMR Model; the flipped classroom; using authentic web-based resources; Developing Intercultural Competence (Cultura); Digital Storytelling (with Adobe Spark); Social Media Mediated Language Learning; Technology & Assessment. You will develop and implement a small scale technology integration project. View past projects. Visit the course page for more information or request a copy of the syllabus.