You must complete 12 credits from the list of courses below in order to complete the certificate program  (not necessarily in the order listed below). 

LGTC 5010: Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Methods (2cr)

In this course, you will learn about major theoretical approaches to SLA. You will explore their educational potential through scholarly readings and practical implementation, and you will assess their usefulness in the classroom.

LGTC 5020: Language Technology Foundation (3cr) Required course.

This course will introduce you to the field of language technology from its origin to today; the latest theories and practices in technology integration; key journals, trends, issues and researchers in the field.

LGTC 5030: Tools in practice (2cr) Required course. 

This course will introduce you to major technical tools. You will explore their educational potential through scholarly readings and practical implementation and assess their usefulness in the classroom. This course maybe repeated. 

LGTC 5032: Digital Games and Language Learning (2cr)

This course will introduce the topic of gaming in language education and explore how you can use games and game strategies to enhance language instruction. Your final project will be to create a unique game to use for classroom instruction based on ACTFL standards.

LGTC 5035: Teaching Languages Online (2cr)

This course explores the topic of teaching and learning languages online with an emphasis on employing best practices, course design, assessment, and the use of synchronous and asynchronous tools. You will learn to plan, deliver, teach, and assess language through learning management systems and various Web 2.0 tools. Your work will culminate with the creation of a sample course plan and sample module for a prospective online language course.

LGTC 5040: Telecollaboration for Language Learning (theory) (2cr)
Virtual Immersion refers to the practice of pairing students or groups of students to native speakers of the target language through video conferencing tools for the specific purpose of increasing their oral and cultural proficiency. In this course, you will learn about the companion methodology and instructional approaches to make such exchanges successful.

LGTC 5045: Telecollaboration Exchange for Language Learning (1cr)

Work on your own language proficiency and intercultural competence. You will be paired with a language partner in the target language or in English, and determine your own learning goals (increased L2 proficiency and/or culture). This course can be repeated twice. 

LGTC 5050: Practicum (3 cr)
You will select, design, implement and assess a substantial capstone instructional technology project. You will work closely with the instructor at each stage of the project. The first half of the course is devoted to the design and implementation of a substantial language technology project. The other half is devoted to the construction of your capstone portfolio.