The certificate consists of 12 credits total, as broken down below:

Required courses (5 credits)

LGTC 5020: Language Technology Foundation (3cr) 
This course will introduce you to the field of language technology and covers meaningful technology integration, technology integration models, ADA compliance, Universal Design, copyrights and assessment of technology effectiveness (Summer only).

LGTC 5030: Language Technology Tools in Practice (2cr)
This course will introduce you to major technical tools, you will explore your educational potential through scholarly readings and practical implementation and assessment of their usefulness in the classroom. (Fall only)

Electives (7 credits)

LGTC 5010: Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Methods (2cr)
In this course, you will learn about major theoretical approaches to SLA. You will explore their educational potential through scholarly readings and practical implementation, and you will assess their usefulness in the classroom (Summer only).

LGTC 5031: Emerging Technology for Language Learning (2cr) 
This course will introduce you to new and emerging technology and practices, explores their educational potential through scholarly readings and practical implementation and assessment of their usefulness in the classroom (Spring only). 

LGTC 5032: Digital Games and Language Learning (2cr)
This course will introduce the topic of gaming in language education and explore how you can use games and game strategies to enhance language instruction. Your final project will be to create a unique game to use for classroom instruction based on ACTFL standards (Spring only).

LGTC 5035: Online and Blended Language Instruction (2cr)
This course explores the topic of teaching and learning languages online with an emphasis on employing best practices, course design, assessment, and the use of synchronous and asynchronous tools. You will learn to plan, deliver, teach, and assess language through learning management systems and various Web 2.0 tools. Your work will culminate with the creation of a sample course plan and sample module for a prospective online language course (Fall only).

LGTC 5045: Language Teacher Proficiency Through Telecollaboration (1cr)
Work on your own language proficiency and intercultural competence. You will be paired with a language partner in the target language or in English, and determine your own learning goals (increased L2 proficiency and/or culture). This course can be repeated once. (Spring and Summer)

LGTC 5060: Global Voices, Telecollaboration & Language Learning (3cr)
This course will cover the many ways in which you can connect your students with native speakers of the TL. You will learn about 1:1, group to group and whole class exchanges; the synchronous and asynchronous tools and services available to facilitate these exchanges ; and the companion methodologies to make them successful (Summer only).