Published: April 12, 2017
Virtual reality in the language classroom free webinar

Join us for this free webinar by Trent Hoy, student in the certificate in language teaching with technology and French adjunct professor at Broward college (FL). May 4th, 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, noon Central, and 1pm. Eastern.

In this webinar, Trent will present a classroom project where his students will use mobile VR technology (Google Cardboard and Cardboard Camera) to create, share, and narrate immersive snapshots of their lives. This project might sound high tech yet it can be done using a smart phone, the free Cardboard Camera and a $10 pair of Google Cardboard glasses (unless you want to download a template and build your own). 

This webinar is offered by the Graduate Certificate in Language Teaching with Technology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Register here to attend live or get a copy of the recording. Registration form.