Published: March 28, 2017
Teaching French through STEM webinar

Join us on April 14th, 3pm Pacific, 4pm Mountain, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern for this free webinar on how to infuse your French lessons with STEM topics.

Peggy Veal, French and Spanish teacher at STEM School & Academy (Colorado) will present a unit that she designed to meet her school's request to have her teach more STEM topics in the target language (in this case, French).

Her unit addresses the process by which maple syrup is made. She will discuss the various strategies that she used to stay in the target language such as using pictures, cognates and drawing on her students' prior knowledge of the topic or of topics they have covered in science class before (photosynthesis for example). Peggy will explain how she customized the unit for various levels of French that she teaches. She will conclude with a brief summary of other STEM infused lessons she has designed as well connect to various AP themes (science et technology, the environment, etc). Finally, she will offer tips on how to convert existing units you might have already created and connect them to STEM topics that students already know. 

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