Published: Feb. 28, 2017
Person wearing VR glasses

This week in LGTC 5030, we are exploring the language learning potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality. What kind of classroom activities can we design with Google Cardboard glasses? Can we teach pragmatics using virtual worlds such as Second Life? Is Second Life still a thing? In order to provide well-informed answers to these questions, we will read several articles and chapters including the 2016 Horizon Report review on AR and VR, and an article reviewing the use of AR technologies in language learning

Students will use their Google cardboard glasses to test various AR apps such as Cardboard or Google Expeditions, discover (or rediscover) Second Life, and explore AR creation sites such as Aurasma and Layars.

LGTC 5030 is a 10 week course on technology and language learning where each week is dedicated to a new topic. It is offered fully online and can be taken as a standalone course (worth 3 graduate credit) or it can count towards the 12 credit certification in language teaching with technology offered by the Division of Continuing Education at the University of Colorado Boulder.