Leslie photo
Technician • 1996 - 2004; 2014 - present

M.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Telomere Biology

I primarily work on telomere proteins, investigating how they recognize telomeric DNA and function at the telomeres (and perhaps elsewhere) during the replication process. I am happy to be the Lab “Tech” for the Wuttke Lab. I love learning about life at the molecular level, appreciate Dr. Wuttke’s style and guidance, and enjoy the super nice Wuttke Lab members!  

Other endeavors and interests: When not doing biochemistry, Leslie spends a lot of time outdoors and works hard to defend life at the ecosystem level. She has spent several decades working at the interface between science and society as a science writer, policy analyst, teacher and lab tech.  Working on climate change, clean energy and other environmental issues is a passion of hers, for which she has won several awards.