Listen to Scott talk about using eBird data to study avian hybridization with Paige Pfleger from The Pluse

-winged/blue-winged warbler hybridization genomics: F1000Prime, Science Daily, The Wildlife Society, Living Bird,, 10,000 birds.

Hybrid warblers



Art by Liz Clayton Fuller





Science feature on redpolls Redpoll finch population genomics and gene expresison: Science,, 10,000 birds, 10,000 birds, The Mermaid's Tale, Sunday Express.











Current Biology Cover Black-capped/Carolina chickadee hybrid zone movement: New York Times, New York Times, Bird Watching Daily, Science Daily, The Australian,, Futurity, Cornell Chronicle.

For a quick summary of this work, which is a collaboration with Bob Curry at Villanova University, watch the video press release on YouTube.